The WED team will host frequent but short presentations on the ASHE dataset in a series of webinars that will be 30-45 minutes in total, consisting of a 15 minute presentation, then questions and answers.

These will be recorded and put on the WED website, with the facility for comments and feedback so that we can start developing a community feel. Webinars will be of three types:

  • Expert user session – for those familiar with ASHE needing to know what is in the new dataset and how it has changed; primarily a research/academic audience
  • New user/ technical session– for those considering whether to use ASHE and how it can help research; primarily a research/academic audience
  • Information session – non-technical data about ASHE and its potential to answer research/policy questions.  For example, ‘using the geographic data in ASHE’ – primarily a policy audience.

These will be at the same time to build up a sense of regular/reporting updates.

ASHE Information Session

17 November 2021

ASHE Information Session Recording and Q&A

ASHE Technical Session

1 December 2021

ASHE Technical Session Recording and Q&A

ASHE Expert User Session

15 December 2021

ASHE Expert User Session Recording and Q&A