To Cut or Not To Cut? Theory & Evidence on the Frequency of Nominal Pay Cuts

SES Conference

April 2022

How Do Your Wages Grow? ASHE Panel Analyses, 2004-2018

Low Pay Commission Research Workshop

28 April 2022

Scottish Economic Society Annual Conference

University of Glasgow

25 April 2022

Revisiting Ethnic Wage Differences in England and Wales: Payroll-Census data compared with the Annual Population Survey

18th October 2021

Presentation at 24th Colloquium on Personnel Economics

Aarhus University, Herning, Denmark

17th March 2022

Low Pay, Ethnicity and Disability in England and Wales: Evidence from Payroll-Census data in 2011

30th October 2021

The Distribution of Ethnic Pay Gaps Among Men in England and Wales: The Role of the Firm
2nd September 2021

Presentation to the Low Pay Commission

For more information, please contact: Carl Singleton (University of Reading) or Van Phan (University of the West of England)

Work, Pensions and Labour Economics Study Group (WPEG) Conference

12th- 13th July 2021

Talk 1: The Wage and Employment Dynamics Project – Why Bother?

Talk 2: Can we use/trust the ASHE data as a longitudinal data source

Talk 3: Quality-assuring ASHE

Talk 4: ASHE/CENSUS wage regressions

Discussion Chair: Karl Taylor (University of Sheffield)

Low Pay Commission (LPC) 8th Annual Symposium

3 September 2020

WED Presentation & Discussion led by Alex Bryson (UCL), Van Phan (UWE) & Lucy Stokes (NIESR)