Conferences & Presentations

Low Pay Commission (LPC) 8th Annual Symposium

3 September 2020

WED Presentation & Discussion led by Alex Bryson (UCL), Van Phan (UWE) & Lucy Stokes (NIESR)

5th Data for Policy Conference 2020

15-17 September 2020

Felix Ritchie (UWE), Rachel Mullis (ONS) and James Tierney (ONS): Introducing to the WED Project


John Forth (City) and  Van Phan (UWE): Applying linking theory to practice in an institutional setting


Alex Bryson (UCL) and Lucy Stokes (NEISR): Securing the benefits via co-production of the research question


Arusha McKenzie (UWE) and Damian Whittard (UWE): Exploiting different ways of looking at data