Hello and welcome to the WED project where its primary aim is to develop a sustainable, documented ‘wage and employment spine’ with the potential to fundamentally transform UK research and policy analysis across a vast range of topics. Alongside the creation of data infrastructure, the project will also generate research findings of direct interest to policy makers. Public benefit will be maximised through the provision of high-quality metadata and training for users.

The Wage and Employment Dynamics Project has recently been funded by ADR UK (Administrative Data Research UK). The project will link data from various official surveys and administrative datasets, with the objective of providing new insights into the dynamics of earnings and employment in the UK.

The project is led by Professor Felix Ritchie and Damian Whittard (UWE) and involves partners from UCL (Prof Alex Bryson, Dr. Claire Crawford), Bayes Business School (John Forth), NIESR (Lucy Stokes) and University of Reading (Dr. Carl Singleton). The project is being supported by Arusha McKenzie and Van Phan (UWE), and will run from December 2019 to March 2022.

This project is expected to increase understanding of how people’s wages progress through their career, factoring in key characteristics such as gender and ethnicity, as well as the particular dynamics of low-pay labour markets.“- ADR UK